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(Opinion) Does a “Rising China” Pose a Threat to the US and the Region?

2017-04-19 09:01:36       source:IPP Review

April 18, 2017

"China's emergence as a global power has become a source of strategic concern for regional and global powers, most notably Japan and the US. China's aspiration to predominance as a strategic equal with the US in Asia increases the great power rivalry between the two countries. The continuation of China's economic growth and its current military modernization and build-up, notably in its blue water capabilities, compounded with its recent aggressive assertiveness with its neighbours concerning their maritime territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas in order to advance its strategic interests, are also seen as China becoming a threat to other countries in the region, particularly by the US and Japan.

This paper argues that the perception of the rising China as a potential threat to the US is exaggerated and misleading. The greatest concern that China will become a threat to the US and other countries in the region, as Ming Xia puts it, mainly stems from China's potential hegemonic status in the world and 'the ideological incompatibility of China with the Western value system.' However, the only aspect in which China can be considered to be a threat is when there are challenges to China's 'core national interests,' because China will use all costs and means to protect its core national interests."

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