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No party can fulfill peninsula peacemission single-handedly

2017-04-21 09:05:26       source:China Daily

April 21, 2017

"Even as US Vice-President Mike Pence reiterated the era of 'strategic patience' is over. Even as Pyongyang pledges to conduct another nuclear test 'at any time', and carry out missile tests on 'a weekly, monthly and yearly basis'. The most impressive progress so far regarding the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's nuclear/missile threats is the United States' latest indication that it, too, prefers a peaceful solution.

China, Russia and the US finally seem to have reached a consensus on the proper approach to a common headache.

Their shared concern brought the three together to endorse the condemnations and sanctions of the United Nations. Divergences in their approaches, however, left loopholes that have undermined the effectiveness of the sanctions."

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