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China-Southeast Asia Research Center on the South China Sea inaugurated at Boao

2016-03-29 22:32:57       source:NISCSS




On 25 March 2016, China-Southeast Asia Research Center on the South China Sea (CSARC) was inaugurated at Boao. Initiated by the NISCSS, the CSARC also incorporates influential think tanks in Southeast Asia such as the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Indonesia. The CSARC was inaugurated by the NISCSS president Wu Shicun and CSIS co-founder and vice chairman Jusuf Wanandi. Mr. Liu Zhenmin, vice minister of Chinese Foreign Ministry and Mr. Li Jun, deputy secretary-general of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee were also present at the ceremony.


Mr. Liu expressed warm congratulations for the establishment of the CSARC and expected more exchanges and cooperation among think tanks in the South China Sea region on maritime issues. Mr. Li remarked that exchanges and cooperation among think tanks will play a unique and important role in promoting peace and stability in the South China Sea as well as uniting regional countries against common challenges. 


Based in China and facing Southeast Asia, the CSARC will engage in global outreach and set a new paradigm for regional maritime studies. The CSARC will invite eminent scholars in South China Sea studies from China and other countries to serve as research fellows. It will also strengthen academic links with counterparts through international conferences and academic visits. It will convey peaceful and rational voices to the international community with the common vision of regional countries to maintain peace and stability.