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President Wu Shicun attended the third World Peace Forum

2014-06-21 11:13:40       source:NISCSS


    At the invitation of Tsinghua University, President Wu Shicun attended the opening ceremony of the third World Peace Forum in Beijing and delivered a keynote speech at the panel of "Regional Cooperation and the Stable Development in the South China Sea". President Wu also answered participants’ questions about the involvement of non-claimant states in the South China Sea dispute, China-Philippines arbitration and the Code of Conduct.

    President Wu was also interviewd by Reuters, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Asahi Shimbun, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and Social Sciences in China. 

    The World Peace Forum was organized in 2012 by Tsinghua University in partnership with the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs. It is China's first high-level non-governmental forum focusing on international security. With the theme of peace, mutual trust, duty and pursuing common security, this year's forum was attended by about 500 people from home and abroad, including former politicians and scholars of famous think-tanks.