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2014 South China Sea theme summer camp kicked start

2014-07-30 11:19:23       source:NISCSS



On July 29, the “Southern Blue” South China Sea theme Summer Camp kicked start. It is co-organized by the National Institute for South China Sea Studies and the Collaborative Innovation Center for the South China Sea Studies, Nanjing University, for the purpose of enhancingyoung people’s ocean awareness, and promoting the exchange between college students of China’s mainland and Taiwan.


On the opening ceremony, President Wu Shicun delivered welcome remarks. He pointed out that since the 15thcentury, the rise of a global power has been closely related to its understanding, usage and conquer of the ocean. China is in urgent need of all sorts of talents in ocean related fields such as strategy, science and technology, economy, management and law, for the cause of developing itself into a maritime power. He hopes that the summer camp could help to enhance participants’ interest for ocean studies and passion for pursuing future career in related fields. Vice President Xi Jinsong briefed the participants on the NISCSS and its history.


The summer camp has attracted students not only from colleges across the Taiwan Strait, but also Chinese students studying overseas. About 30 students from 16 universities joined the camp, including the University of Virginia, the University of Poitiers, the University of Hong Kong, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University, Shandong University, Zhejiang University, Sun Yat-sen University, the Ocean University of China, the University of International Relations, Nanhua University, Taiwan Chengchi University, Taiwan Sun Yat-sen University and Taiwan Normal University. The camp will last for 5 days, including various programs such as lectures, seminars, simulated negotiation and field studies.