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International Conference held by NISCSS and CSIS (Indonesia)

2016-01-18 23:54:34       source:NISCSS

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On 18 January 2016, the NISCSS and the CSIS (Indonesia) held the second conference under the program entitled “Partnership for Regional Peace: Operationalising ASEAN-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia” in Haikou, Hainan Province.


In his opening remarks, NISCSS President Wu Shicun observed that future geopolitical situation in the South China Sea would evolve around “three hot events” (construction work in the South China Sea, the Philippines-China arbitration and the ongoing consultation on COC in the South China Sea) and “three negative factors” (the U.S., Japan and negative influence of the Philippines-China arbitration). In order to deal with capricious situation, President Wu made three proposals. First, promote China-U.S. practical cooperation to manage maritime affairs about which both countries are concerned. Second, promote China-ASEAN maritime cooperation and accumulate mutual political confidence for the adoption of “dual-track approach”. Third, coordinate the DOC implementation and COC consultation to establish a well-designed institution for dispute management.


Jusuf Wanandi, co-founder and vice chairman of the CSIS (Indonesia), remarked that this conference would help China and the ASEAN establish multiple Track-II cooperation mechanisms, implement the consensuses on maintaining maritime security and order, and cooperate to deal with maritime challenges, especially in the South China Sea.


The participants will hold discussions over two days in four working groups on legal principles on the maritime domain, confidence building measures, crisis management and preventive diplomacy.


The program entitled "Partnership for Regional Peace" is designed to facilitate the implementation of the DOC, deepen maritime cooperation, promote China-ASEAN mutual trust and Track-II exchanges. The first conference under this program was held in Jakarta in September 2015.