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A delegation of CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute visited NISCSS

2014-12-09 22:59:49       source:NISCSS



      On 9 December 2014, Mr. Jiang Xuefeng, vice president of the CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute, headed a delegation to visit the NISCSS. NISCSS President Wu Shicun met with the guests. They exchanged ideas about the opportunities and challenges in building the maritime silk road in the 21st century.

      Part of the NISCSS research staff held a discussion with the delegation, introducing the origin and development of the South China Sea issue, the basics and vision of the maritime silk road, and the joint development in the South China Sea. The two sides exchanged ideas about oil and gas exploitation in the South China Sea,as well as the focus and difficulties of joint development and independent development.

      NISCSS Vice President Xi Jinsong also attended the discussion.