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NISCSS President Wu Shicun attended the 6th World Peace Forum

2017-06-25 15:20:56       source:NISCSS



On 24-25 June 2017, NISCSS President Wu Shicun attended the opening ceremony and plenary session of the 6th World Peace Forum in Beijing at the invitation of Tsinghua University.


In his speech delivered at the panel on "Avoiding the Escalation of Conflicts in the South China Sea", Wu expounded upon the current situation in the South China Sea, the factors that may influence future dynamics, and made suggestions on how to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea.


Also present at the panel were Nguyen Vu Tung, president of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam; Wilfrido V. Villacorta, Professor Emeritus at De La Salle University of the Philippines; and Paul Thomas Haenle, director of the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy.


Themed "Challenges to International Security: Joint Efforts, Responsibility and Reform", the 6th World Peace Forum brought together nearly 200 experts, scholars, former senior officials, diplomatic envoys and think tank leaders from multiple countries.