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The BRI Themed Symposium and First CSARC Annual Conference Held in Haikou

2017-12-10 22:02:51       source:NISCSS

On December 7-8, 2017, the National Institute for South China Sea Studies hosted the International Symposium on “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)” and Common Development of the Greater South China Sea Region, and the First Annual Conference of the China-Southeast Asia Research Center on the South China Sea (CSARC). Co-organizers included CSARC and the China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies of Wuhan University (CIBOS).

The Symposium aims to assess and define the implications of the BRI in global peace and security, and provide insights and suggestions for intra-and inter-regional cooperation within the framework of the BRI in various fields of marine economy and ocean governance. More than 70 participants were present at the symposium. Guest speakers were scholars and experts from various government agencies as well as distinguished think tanks and research institutes of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

Initiated by the NISCSS and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Indonesia, CSARC has incorporated seven leading think tanks and research institutes of China and Southeast Asian countries as its member organizations. As a non-profit, non-government international organization, it aims to promote joint research on solutions to regional issues of the South China Sea, so as to enhance cooperation and mutual trust among relevant countries.