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NISCSS Scholar attended academic events in ROK

2018-07-02 11:43:49       source:NISCSS

From 26 to 28 June 2018, NISCSS Research Fellow Liu Xiaobo attended two academic forums in South Korea, at the invitation of Lee Seo-Hang, President of Korea Institute of Maritime Strategy (KIMS).

On 26 June, Liu Xiaobo was present at the KIMS-NARI Seminar in Seoul as a keynote speaker. Themed “US-China Relations & The Korean Peninsula: A Maritime Dimension”, the seminar brought together more than one hundred scholars and specialists from universities, research institutes and public sectors of South Korea, China and the United States. In-depth discussions were held on issues such as China-US military relations, current situation and future development of the Korean Peninsula and South China Sea disputes, among others. 

On 28 June, Liu Xiaobo attended the KIMS-held sub-forum of Jeju Forum 2018 themed “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy and Its Implications for the Regional Maritime Security” as a guest speaker. With more than 60 participants from the academia, media, diplomatic missions and military personnel of South Korea and other countries, the sub-forum discussed the origins and development of the Indo-Pacific Strategy, its impact on Asian maritime security and the construction of ASEAN’s maritime power.

Hosted by the Government of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and with the full support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, the Jeju Forum is a regional multilateral dialogue for promoting peace and prosperity in Asia. The theme of the forum this year was “Reengineering Peace for Asia”, and a wide variety of topics were covered in the 70 or so sub-forums ranging from politics, economy to education and security through its three-day program.