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NISCSS kicked off its 2019 series of academic events with NUS Professor Wang Jiangyu

2019-01-12 23:46:59       source:NISCSS

January 10, 2019

On 10 January 2019, Associate Professor Wang Jiangyu from the National University of Singapore held a seminar titled “The Singaporean experiences of free port construction and its implications for the Hainan Island”, which marked the first of NISCSS’ 2019 series of academic events. At the seminar, Prof. Wang delivered an informative and insightful presentation on four major aspects relating to Singapore’s free port construction: Singapore’s political and economic system and its business environment, its characteristics as a free port, its status of a global financial center, and the implications of the Singaporean experiences for Hainan and China. Another of Prof. Wang’s seminar at the institute themed “the Singapore-Malaysia maritime dispute” took place on 11 January.


Professor Wang Jiangyu was visiting the NISCSS from 9-11 January 2019. He also received his letter of appointment as the Adjunct Research Professor of NISCSS from President Wu Shicun during his visit.