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NISCSS President Wu Shicun Visited BGR Group in Washington, D.C.

2019-04-27 21:48:14       source:NISCSS

On April 24, NISCSS President Shicun Wu visited the BGR group in Washington, D.C. and met with Mr. Mark Tavlarides, Senior Vice President of BGR Group and Mr. Walker Roberts, Principal at BGR and Head of International Practice, along with two BGR research fellows specialized on the Asian-Pacific Affairs. During the meeting, they discussed on various topics of mutual concerns such as the South China Sea disputes, US-China trade frictions, and Hainan’s free trade pilot zone development. The two sides also exchanged ideas regarding further cooperation in the future. 

The BGR Group was founded in 1991 by Haley Barbour, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and has been a premier bipartisan government affairs and public relations firm. It was also named by the Fortunemagazine as the most influential lobbying firm in the US. With an extensive and longstanding network of close relationships with key government and business decision-makers in the US and around the world, it offers services such as strategic consultations, government affairs, crisis management and public relations.          

Formally launched in Beijing in January of 2017, BGR China was intended to help multinational companies to do business in China, to identify potential projects and partners between American and Chinese enterprises and investors, and to expand Chinese companies’ presence and commercial configuration in the US, Europe and other regions. The BGR group also has an office in London.