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UK loses global influence with declining national strength, shaky internal politics

2022-07-12 10:35:31       source:Global Times

July 11, 2022

After UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, the country could enter a stage without a long-term prime minister, as the country has failed to find a way to keep its national strength from declining after Brexit and there is no politician who can effectively fix the country's internal divergences, while trying to use the Ukraine crisis as an opportunity to maintain UK influence has proved unhelpful for London to solve its internal problems, analysts said on Monday, as a number of politicians jostle to replace Johnson in a packed race.

According to Reuters, the contest to replace Johnson gathered pace on Sunday as five more candidates declared their intention to run, with many pledging lower taxes and a clean start from "Johnson's scandal-ridden premiership."

Conservative MPs are beginning to put their names forward in the race to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative leader and prime minister, BBC reported. A timetable for the Tory leadership race is due to be confirmed next week and the new prime minister is expected to be in position by September.

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