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Australia to hype ‘China influence’ at regional forum to assert its ‘patriarch’ role against PICs’ interest

2022-07-13 09:50:32       source:Global Times

July 12, 2022

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is anticipated to push security and China influence topics at the ongoing Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) in Fiji, after media hyped his reaction to China's four-point advice on improving bilateral relations, as Canberra always sees the South Pacific as its exclusive realm and is eager to use this forum to slander China's role in the region and reassert its "patriarchal" role, observers said. 

Experts also believed that despite with a softer tone than from the Morrison government, Canberra will continue competition against China in a more subtle and tactical manner despite some positive signs in the direction to improving China-Australia relations. 

Ensuring that Australia remains "the security partner of choice" for Pacific island nations  amid China's rising influence will be a key topic for Albanese at the forum, Australia's 9news reported on Monday. 

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