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Middle East 'big troika' on Syrian settlement and new cooperation

2022-07-23 09:34:20       source:CGTN

July 22, 2022

The leaders of Russia, Türkiye and Iran gathered on July 19, 2022 in Tehran and held a trilateral summit in the Astana format. They discussed the current situation in Syria and reaffirmed their determination to increase trilateral coordination in light of existing agreements and concurring views, as well as studied recent international and regional developments and emphasized the leading role of the Astana Process, which began work in 2017, in resolving the Syrian crisis.

Of course, the three countries have some differences on Syria, but they support the territorial integrity of Syria and the Syrian constitutional process. Thanks to their efforts, it is possible to bring together various, sometimes opposing sides on one negotiating platform: the opposition, the official authorities of Syria, experts, representatives of public structures, the UN, etc.

The joint work of the "troika" Russia-Türkiye-Iran, and the search for compromises has led to the fact that over 90 percent of Syrian territory is now controlled by the official authorities, not by international terrorists.

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