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'US should bear responsibility' for four times of grounding of China-US military ties over Taiwan question

2022-08-07 09:14:13       source:Global Times

August 6, 2022

China on Friday announced eight countermeasures in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's highly provocative visit to the island of Taiwan, among which three concern China-US military ties. China canceled China-US theater commander talks, defense policy coordination talks and military maritime security consultative mechanism.

Taking the latest countermeasures into account, China-US military ties have hit rock bottom over the Taiwan question for at least four times since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two sides. 

Experts said that the US should be blamed for the suspension of basically all channels for the two militaries to communicate. On one hand, the US vowed to raise guardrails for bilateral ties and avoid military confrontations, while on the other, the country continued to infringe China's core interests. 

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