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Ambassador: Japan shouldn't dance to the U.S. tune on Taiwan question

2022-08-14 10:12:56       source:CGTN

August 13, 2022

Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou said Japan has no right to interfere in China's internal affairs, and should not dance to the tune of the U.S. on the Taiwan question.

During recent talks with Japanese people from all walks of life, Ambassador Kong elaborated on China's stance on the Taiwan question, stressing that Japan has nothing to do with the current situation across the Taiwan Straits, and China's countermeasures are targeted at U.S. political provocation and "Taiwan independence" forces.

Dancing to the tune of the U.S. would be a huge violation of the one-China principle, the foundation of the relationship between the two countries, he warned, adding that Japan should stop provoking regional rivalry and escalating tension before it is too late.

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