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Kissinger warns Biden administration against changing Taiwan status quo

2022-08-15 09:34:13       source:Global Times

August 15, 2022

Henry Kissinger, the veteran US diplomat, sent out a fresh warning to the Biden administration amid rising tensions in the Taiwan Straits, saying he sees today's world as verging on a dangerous disequilibrium and calling careful actions. Yet the White House continued shifting the blame to China over the consequences of the provocative trip of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan island, ignoring the growing voices of far-sighted politicians and observers in the US who opposed the trip. Chinese experts believe that today's US government, which lacks political wisdom and strategic insight, is becoming a great uncertainty to the world. 

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Kissinger, the 99-year-old former secretary of state, is worried about "disequilibrium." He said "we are at the edge of war with Russia and China on issues which we partly created, without any concept of how this is going to end or what it's supposed to lead to." 

On the Taiwan question, Kissinger is worried that the US and China are maneuvering toward a crisis, and he counseled steadiness on Washington's part, the US media reported on Friday. The US policy on Taiwan island has "preserved peace between China and the US for 50 years," he said, noting that "one should be very careful, therefore, in measures that seem to change the basic structure."

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