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Ukraine says Russian missiles have hit the Odesa region

2022-08-22 11:07:36       source:CGTN

August 21, 2022

Artillery shells rained down on a city close to Europe's biggest nuclear plant overnight and Russian missiles hit targets near Odesa, a Ukrainian Black Sea port and a grain export hub, as the conflicts headed for its six-month milestone on Wednesday.

Five Russian Kalibr cruise missiles were fired from the Black Sea at the region overnight, the regional administration spokesperson said, citing information from the southern military command. Two were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses while three hit agricultural targets, but there were no casualties.

While Russia said on Sunday the missiles had destroyed an ammunition depot containing missiles for U.S.-made HIMARS rockets. Russia's Defence Ministry said sea-based Kalibr missiles had destroyed a depot that also housed Western-made anti-aircraft systems.

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