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US midterm election approaches under risks of further national division and political violence

2022-11-08 10:22:08       source:Global Times

November 7, 2022

Amid the politicians' spats, inflation, gunshot and fear of violence, the US midterm election is looming as a warm-up of the 2024 presidential election, as well as the revenge of the 2020 race that Donald Trump lost and resulted in an unprecedented Capitol Hill riots which are viewed as the unhealed wounds of US democracy.

US political leaders from both Democratic and Republican parties on Sunday made their closing arguments to voters, with US President Joe Biden accusing Republicans of reveling in political violence while Republicans saying they can better address US economic woes. 

According to NBC, candidates of both parties have been physically attacked, election workers intimidated. And threats against members of Congress are up "tenfold." Citing public opinions, NBC said for voters, a vicious spiral of violence and fear is creating angst, paranoia and an overwhelming sense of dread that the nation is on the eve of destruction.

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