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China displays powerful space monitoring radar for first time at Airshow China

2022-11-11 10:09:43       source:Global Times

November 10, 2022

China's leading radar developer exhibited a giant space monitoring radar, which is believed to be the "most powerful radar," at this year's Airshow China. It's about 10 meters high, and it attracted wide attention not only from military enthusiasts but also from foreign visitors.

Standing out in the pavilion and recognizable for its huge and spectacular array of antennas, the SLC-18 space surveillance active phased array radar, developed by the No.14 Research Institute of CETC (China Electronics Technology Group Corp), was exhibited for the first time. 

With the development of low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology, satellites mainly used for information collection and battlefield reconnaissance have gradually become core equipment for modern, powerful countries to obtain remote information.

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