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China-Indonesia relations embark on a speedy ride

2022-11-17 10:18:56       source:Global Times

November 17, 2022

With a highly-anticipated meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indonesian President Joko Widodo on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali on Wednesday, the two countries' vision to build a community with a shared future is set to embark on a speedy ride, heading toward a new era of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation between China and Indonesia - also an important node where Xi in 2013 proposed the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. 

Before the meeting, Xi and Widodo inspected via video link the inauguration of trial operation for the Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway (HSR), the first high-speed rail line in Southeast Asia and a brand-new BRI "calling card" that demonstrates China's readiness to share its development dividends with the world, observer said.

As the world is facing unprecedented division and discord, the exchange between Xi and Widodo is an embodiment of this year's G20 summit task: to foster pragmatic cooperation such as the Jakarta-Bandung HSR rather than making the US-led geopolitical gambit mindset further jolt the world apart.

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