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G20 concludes striving to seek common ground, push cooperation

2022-11-18 09:35:48       source:Global Times

November 17, 2022

The 2022 G20 Leaders' Summit concluded on Wednesday with member states issuing a joint declaration on cooperation for global development, and analysts said that China's proposals have received worldwide support and contributed wisdom for the turbulent world to deal with common challenges and crises. 

The document has highlighted consensuses on issues like food and energy security, climate change, the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, digital economies and anti-corruption, with analysts saying the declaration reflects the common grounds shared by the international community and the responsibilities of the major economies amid the challenges affecting all countries around the globe. 

On a sensitive issue like the Ukraine crisis, the joint declaration also reflected the differences among the member states, and experts said some Western countries led by the US are trying to hype the topic which is irrelevant to the economic cooperation at the G20 summit which aims at promoting cooperation between major economies worldwide to deal with common challenges. Western countries are trying to use a geopolitical crisis to further sabotage the unity of the international community, said the experts.

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