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Xi talks with Harris, expecting two sides to enhance understanding, reduce miscalculation

2022-11-20 09:10:28       source:Global Times

November 19, 2022

Five days after the closely watched meeting between the top leaders of China and the US at G20, Chinese President Xi Jinping had a brief conversation with the US Vice President Kamala Harris at the request of the US side on Saturday during the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, and the Chinese president hoped that Harris can play an active role in bringing bilateral relations back to a healthy and stable track.

Xi said his meeting with US President Joe Biden in Bali, Indonesia, was strategic and constructive, serving as an important guidance for the China-US relations in the next stage, according to the Chinese Central Television (CCTV). 

It is hoped that China and the US will further enhance mutual understanding, reduce miscalculation and misjudgment, and work together to bring bilateral relations back to the track of healthy and stable growth, Xi told Harris. And he hoped Harris can play an active role on the matter, CCTV reported. 

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