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Harris’ Philippines visit aims to fan conflicts surrounding South China Sea and Taiwan Straits

2022-11-22 10:03:49       source:Global Times

November 21, 2022

Pursuing an agenda of fanning conflicts surrounding the South China Sea and Taiwan questions and containing China, US Vice President Kamala Harris was in the Philippines for a three-day visit after attending the APEC meeting in Thailand and met with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr on Monday, becoming the highest-ranking American official to visit the country since Marcos took power in June. 

But for officials in Manila and other countries in Southeast Asia, who loathe being caught in a big power rivalry, the US peddling of the "China threat" in the region will make them realize who is the real saboteur of regional security and stability, and alienate them further from the US.

Harris' visit is seen by Chinese observers as a glimpse into US policy on China after the leaders of the two countries met in Indonesia last week. They believed that while the leaders' meeting ushered in a "remission" of conflict, Harris' visit, along with US politicians' recent remarks, serves as a reminder that Washington's antagonism and hostility toward China remain unchanged. They believed the next two years will be a "window of opportunity" for both if they can translate positive signs into momentum of pushing forward bilateral ties, before relations are thrown into uncertainty again when the next US presidential election comes. 

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