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China's intensive military diplomatic activities highlight cooperation

2022-11-25 09:52:08       source:Global Times

November 24, 2022

China on Thursday announced even more military diplomatic activities with neighboring Asian countries following the country's defense chief's attendance of the ninth ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus) this week, in a move experts said will bolster trust, cooperation and joint defense capability in the region, and which will build immunity against external instigations and fears that a Ukraine-like crisis could happen in the Asia-Pacific in the form of the Taiwan question or the South China Sea issue.

At the invitation of the Bangladesh Navy, the Chinese Navy will send the destroyer Changsha to participate in the International Fleet Review scheduled to be held in Bangladesh in early December and participate in related celebration activities, China's Ministry of National Defense said in a statement on Thursday.

The armed forces of China and Laos will hold the third friendly border defense exchange in their border region in late November, announced Senior Colonel Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry, at a regular press conference on Thursday.

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