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Truce ‘far off’ as US adds fuel with aid plans amid Zelensky’s visit

2022-12-23 08:44:18       source:Global Times

December 22, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to Washington showed that he was making great efforts to make "supporting Ukraine to fight Russia" an "unchallengeable political correctness" in the US, while Republicans and Democrats have shown diverging opinions on the matter recently, said analysts, and since Russia is also preparing for long-term conflict, the crisis is still far from a peaceful solution.  

In his speech on Wednesday, Zelensky thanked lawmakers and the US public for their broad and bipartisan support, and said sustained commitments would be critical. The address to both chambers of US Congress came just weeks before Republicans are set to take control of the House with a pledge to more closely scrutinize Washington's assistance to Kiev, according to media reports.

Chinese analysts said it's clear that Zelensky's visit will help the White House get more assistance plans passed by the US Congress, and to ensure no US politician dares to challenge the policy of supporting Ukraine, while the endless conflict and worsening economic situation are making more and more people from the Western world question the necessity of supporting Kiev to continue its fight with Russia. 

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