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Interview: China, U.S. should rise above pessimism, cynicism

2015-06-22 09:04:11       source:Xinhua News Agency

June 22, 2015

"To pursue a more robust relationship, China and the United States should demonstrate to the world their ability to rise above pessimism and cynicism, said Cheng Li, an expert on China at the Brookings Institution, a renowned U.S. think tank.

China and the U.S. should continue to seek consensus and enhance cooperation in various fields in a bid to help maintain world peace and economic prosperity, Li, director of John L. Thornton China Center at Brookings, told Xinhua in an exclusive interview ahead of the major talks between the two countries this week.

Pessimistic views of China, or even calls to deter China seem to be on the rise recently in the U.S., Li said, but they are by no means mainstream opinions and should not be attributed to policymakers at the White House."

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