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China-Philippines ties enter ‘new golden age,’ cooperation to be greatly enhanced

2023-01-05 10:25:45       source:Global Times

January 4, 2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping met visiting Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in Beijing on Wednesday, with both sides expressing great hope, confidence and determination to further develop bilateral relations to a higher level. Chinese experts said the successful visit proves there is little room for outside forces like the US to meddle in the South China Sea situation and interrupt the two countries' efforts to promote common development.  

According to a readout released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Xi said to Marcos that "48 years ago, your father [Ferdinand Marcos Sr., former Philippine president 1965-1986] and the old generation of Chinese leaders" made the historic decision to establish formal diplomatic ties between China and the Philippines.

"Hopefully, your visit will not only be a 'trip of reminiscence' but also a 'trip of opening future.' China will always place the Philippines at a prioritized direction for neighboring diplomacy, and to insist looking the China-Philippines relations from a height of strategy and over-all situation," Xi noted.  

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