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(Opinion) China Played Hugely Crucial Role in WWII

2015-06-23 08:49:44       source:China Daily


President Xi Jinping presents a flower basket at a ceremony in Beijing on Wednesday marking the anniversary of China’s victory over Japan in World War II. Below: Veteran Sun Yingjie, 94, salutes at a ceremony in Taierzhuang, Shandong province. The Battle of Taierzhuang in 1938 marked the first major Chinese victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.


By Hu Dekun

June 19, 2015

"Being an important part of World War II, the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1937-1945) played an important role in reshaping the postwar global order.

The September 18th Incident in 1931, provoked by Japanese troops which later occupied Shenyang in Northeast China's Liaoning province marks the beginning of China's war against Japanese aggression. And the July 7th Incident in 1937, or the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, witnessed Japan's full-scale invasion of China and the start of China's all-out war against fascism."

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