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US to beef up military integration targeting China as Pentagon chief embarks on trip to SK, Philippines

2023-01-30 10:13:07       source:Global Times

January 29, 2023

In bid to "strengthen defense partnerships," US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin embarked on a trip to South Korea and the Philippines on Sunday, a move that Chinese experts viewed as Washington's latest effort to beef up military integration that targets China in the western Pacific, especially in a cost-effective way of using "allies" as its disposable pawns and vanguards. 

With the US shifting its global strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific region, experts warned regional countries to be wary of the dangers of US military planning to regional peace and stability, since their past, present and future lie in Asia.

According to a statement recently issued by the US Department of Defense, Austin will meet with senior government and military leaders of South Korea and the Philippines in the upcoming days, to "advance regional stability and further strengthen the defense partnerships." 

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