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Japan begins preparation works for nuclear-contaminated wastewater dump with ‘greater price to pay’

2023-03-19 08:43:28       source:Global Times

March 18, 2023

Japan's crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant commenced the operation of equipment needed for its nuclear-contaminated wastewater dumping plan for the first time on Friday as a prelude to the wastewater's final release into the open ocean.

Experts warned that despite growing criticism from home and abroad, Japan will likely stick to its dumping plan either judging from its political considerations or from weighing the domestic technological and capital costs.

However, Japan has overlooked the long-lasting cost caused by the dumping plan which would be much heavier, that it would bring unimaginable harm to the world especially its surrounding regions, lose credibility as an environmentally friendly global power, and greatly harm its international image, not to mention sparking widespread dissatisfactions among its own people, some experts said.

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