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Singapore, Malaysia PMs to visit China, attend Boao Forum, ‘China-ASEAN ties to be reinforced for post-pandemic recovery’

2023-03-28 07:51:02       source:Global Times

March 27, 2023

Leaders from many countries around the globe are heading to China for the annual Boao Forum and official visits, as the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday confirmed that multiple foreign leaders including prime ministers from Singapore and Malaysia will attend the significant economic event and will pay official visits to China. 

As Europe is still suffering from the ongoing geo-political crisis and the US financial system is bringing increasing uncertainties and risks to Western economic recovery this year, the world is placing greater hope on China to drive the post-pandemic recovery in 2023 as China is the only major world economy that has resilience, potential and certainty, said experts. 

Therefore, it's very natural for world leaders, including the key ASEAN members as well as the major EU members like Spain and France, to be eager to visit China to reinforce ties and seek more possibilities for cooperation, and it's impossible for Washington to stop them from engaging China or even force them to decouple with China, especially when the US economy is still messy, analysts noted. 

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