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Xi's meeting with Anwar opens new Chapter to China-Malaysia relations

2023-04-01 10:26:44       source:CGTN

March 31, 2023

As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the China-Malaysia comprehensive strategic partnership, and a year later, the two countries will mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's meeting in Beijing on Friday will undoubtedly open a new chapter in the history of the China-Malaysia relationship.

This is Anwar's first visit to China since he came into office in November 2022. He has attached great importance to developing Malaysia's relations with China. Shortly after his inauguration, he stated that, rather than maintaining the status quo, he would strengthen bilateral ties with China, particularly in the fields of economy, investment, and culture.

During Friday's meeting, Xi urged the two sides to coordinate and promote the relationship development and cooperation in various fields to further enhance bilateral ties, injecting new momentum into the prosperity and growth of the two countries and the region. 

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