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 Commentary: U.S. Spying on Japan Proves It Has Never Treated Allies as Equals​

2015-08-03 09:56:47       source:Xinhua News Agency

August 2, 2015

"The recently exposed U.S. spying on Japan, one of its most loyal 'allies,' has once again proved to the world that U.S. foreign polices are still based on realpolitik and it only sees other countries as objects to control, no matter whether they are 'friends' or foes.

The Wikileaks website on Friday posted National Security Agency (NSA) reports and a list of 35 Japanese targets for telephone intercepts of senior Japanese government officials including the Japanese Cabinet Office, the Bank of Japan, the country's finance and trade ministries and major Japanese trading companies.

However, the world is not completely caught off guard when the Wikileaks websites posted NSA reports revealing the United States is also spying on Japan."

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