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(Analysis) India 2015: China's check or mate?

2014-12-21 10:01:23       source:Eurasia Review

By Akshay Mathur

December 20, 2014

"From the Indian perspective, how China manages the readjustment of its economy and how secure South Asia remains, will be two major determinants that will influence world affairs in 2015. Gateway House has developed four scenarios to explain the outcomes that will ensue, starting 2015, when these two determinants intersect.

2015: The year that India can. A new, wants-to-do government. A system that's cranking up once more. Stalled infrastructure projects being revived. Jobs matter again. Ecologically sustainable business models are being considered. Tech on the rise. States taking more of the initiative. A controlled fiscal deficit due to unexpected savings from falling oil prices. A proactive foreign policy has raised India’s profile. Economic diplomacy has re-ignited investor interest. A free-trade agreement with ASEAN fulfils the Acting East promise. Securing our neighbourhood with active diplomacy and aid, to ensure stability in South Asia."

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