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(Opinion) Hope Or Grimace: Obama Visiting India In January

2014-12-30 08:45:46       source:Business Insider

By Preetam Kaushik

December 29, 2014

"Celebrating the day of Indian constitution was hardly this colourful in the recent past. The high-profile visit of American President who is due to visit India soon is being interpreted in many different ways. While one thing stands sure that this isn't the best of rabbits out of Modi's hat yet, with many more to come during his next few years as Prime Minister of India. What does it mean, though, for Obama?

The American president has less than two years left in his office. But, that's not the whole point here. The visit would be crucial for both countries which are on the threshold of mega changes in their socio-economic scenario. They are creating an atmosphere of bonhomie during times when both leaders need a bigger stage to set up their best performance yet."

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