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India’s future lies in Asia, not as a US ally

2017-07-14 09:02:21       source:Global Times

July 13, 2017

The current border dispute between New Delhi and Beijing is occurring at a time when China has undertaken the bold step to revive the ancient Silk Road and maritime trading routes.

The project is now in a stage of being materialized, with a focus on the region that covers China, Nepal and India in the Himalaya mountains. The initiative is potentially beneficial for all of them because it is providing a shared opportunity for cooperation among all. It is an instrument for reshaping the world economic order by replacing or ending the colonial paradigm of development into a new one benefiting all nations as partners.

However, some powerful nations are unjustly trying to upset this progress by engaging themselves in activities that are not only undermining the importance of the Belt and Road initiative, but that are also diametrically opposite to the idea of partnership among nations. 

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