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India pursues Act East policy via Myanmar

2017-07-17 09:00:55       source:Global Times

July 16, 2017

Myanmar military chief Min Aung Hlaing wrapped up an eight-day visit to India, with an eye on bilateral defense cooperation. New Delhi has rolled out the red carpet for Min, welcoming his goodwill trip with a charm offensive.

It is reported that India will provide a variety of arms equipment, patrol border areas jointly with Myanmar, and dispatch warships to make regular calls at Myanmar's ports. Recently, the strained confrontation between China and India, which led to a prolonged border standoff, has added a tinge of sensitivity to India-Myanmar military interaction.

Myanmar is the only ASEAN member state that has both land and sea borders with India. The two share a land border of 1,643 kilometers. Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi developed the Look East into the Act East policy, the country has worked incessantly to strengthen relations with ASEAN members in a dynamic, action-oriented way. Myanmar is key in the new outlook, for it serves as a crucial buffer state between China and India and boasts a unique advantage in the framework of Beijing's Belt and Road initiative.

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