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"One Belt, One Road" initiative brings more than infrastructure to Central and Eastern Europe

2017-10-09 09:26:14       source:Xinhuanet

October 8, 2017

"The role of human capital in the One Belt, One Road initiative" was the motto of the Third China-Central and Eastern Europe Conference on Cross-Cultural Dialogue, Education and Business that ended on Saturday in the Macedonian town Ohrid.

Although the infrastructure is important, the "One Belt, One Road" initiative is not only about constructing roads and building trade ties, but more importantly, it is about development and sustainability, says professor Chen Xin from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of European Studies during the two-day conference.

"In this regard, the human capital should play a significant role in the Belt and Road Initiative. Human capital can help people understand China more, explore and leverage opportunities for cooperation, join the innovation and technology processes, and enhance sustainable development," he adds.

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