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Donald Trump will lay out new Iran strategy on Friday, complicating European ties

2017-10-13 09:18:07       source:The Straits Times

October 13, 2017

President Donald Trump will lay out a more confrontational strategy towards Iran by the United States on Friday (Oct 13) in a speech in which he is likely to strike a blow at an international Iran nuclear deal, complicating US relations with European allies.

US officials said Trump was expected to announce that he will not certify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, believing the agreement is not in the national interests of the United States. He had certified it twice before but aides said he was reluctant to do so a third time.

Trump could have a last minute change of heart before he outlines his administration's new approach towards Iran in speech at the White House at 12.45pm EDT on Friday (00.45am on Saturday, Singapore time).

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