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Few Hurdles Left, G.O.P. Is Confident Tax Cuts Will Be Signed This Month

2017-12-03 09:28:45       source:New York Times

December 2, 2017

WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans, buoyed by the Senate’s approval early Saturday of a landmark tax overhaul, expressed confidence that final legislation would be sent to President Trump by the end of this month.

While the tax bills approved by the House and the Senate diverge in significant ways, the same forces that rocketed the measures to passage appear likely to bond Republicans in the two chambers as they work to hash out the differences.

Republicans passed their sweeping tax overhaul through the Senate just before 2 a.m. on Saturday, two weeks after the House passed its own measure. The Senate vote was 51 to 49, with every Republican but one — Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee — in favor. Senate leaders locked down the necessary votes on Friday with little drama, after making concessions to a handful of wavering Republicans.

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