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Malcolm Turnbull's China strategy 'absolutely all over the place', Kevin Rudd says

2018-02-12 10:14:02       source:ABC Australia

February 11, 2018

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has reignited a bitter feud with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, slamming his handling of what Mr Rudd calls the most important question of our times: the rise of China.

Mr Rudd has delivered a withering critique of Australia's policy toward its biggest trading partner, accusing Mr Turnbull's China strategy of being "absolutely all over the place".

He said the Federal Government is "incoherent and inconsistent" at a time when a powerful China is threatening to remake the global order and "we just don't know what the future rules will be".

Mr Rudd's criticism also comes with a warning: China is "contemptuous of weakness" and its growing strength, if mishandled, could escalate into war.

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