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Putin: Russia won’t threaten anyone in Arctic, but will ensure national safety

2018-03-12 10:06:30       source:RT

March 11, 2018

Russia will expand its presence in the Arctic to ensure the safety of its citizens, President Vladimir Putin said. While Moscow does not seek to intimidate anyone, it will continue to develop the vital region.

“We won’t threaten anybody, but, using our advantages, of a territorial nature in this case, we will ensure the security of Russia and its citizens. In this sense, the Arctic region is extremely important for Russia,” the president stated in a new documentary titled ‘Putin.’ The film was made by VGTRK reporter Andrey Kondrashov and shared on social media.

Moscow has already “reestablished itself firmly” in the Arctic, but other countries, including the US, are also seeking to expand their military presence there. US Ohio-class submarines, capable of carrying 24 Trident nuclear missiles, are very active in Norwegian Sea. The estimated time of arrival for such munitions from the Norwegian Sea to Moscow is only around 15 minutes, the president added.

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