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Nervy Europe watches on as Italian populists, far-right continue govt talks

2018-05-13 10:09:27       source:Yahoo

May 12, 2018

Italian anti-establishment and far-right leaders are inching closer to a deal over a joint government under the watchful eye of Europe as they meet on Saturday to hash out a deal that could be announced as soon as Sunday.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the nationalist, strongly eurosceptic League, and head of Five Star Movement (M5S) Luigi Di Maio are set to meet in Milan on Saturday to continue talks over a "German-style" government contract, which both hope to sign "as soon as possible."

They may report on the progress of their talks as early as Sunday to President Sergio Mattarella, who could then nominate the new prime minister on Monday. That person is unlikely to be either Salvini or Di Maio.

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