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Allies fume over Trump’s withdrawal from Iran deal but have few options to respond

2018-05-15 09:18:14       source:The Washington Post

May 14, 2018

America’s three closest friends in Europe — Britain, France and Germany — are near-bursting with anger and exasperation at the United States. In a frenzy of meetings and phone calls among them over the past week, their leaders have tried to figure out what they can do about President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran and his plans to impose sanctions on their companies that continue doing business there.

The answer, they fear, is not much.

They can retreat in sullen bitterness, as one European official put it, but they realize that would accomplish little.

They can ask for exemptions to the sanctions that the administration has said will be applied to any European business that trades with both Iran and the United States. But they have been told, with humiliating clarity, that there will be no exemptions.

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