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Trump expects quick trade deal with Britain, says US ambassador

2018-07-08 09:36:58       source:Global Times

July 7, 2018

US Ambassador to Britain Robert "Woody" Johnson said on Friday that US President Donald Trump would like to see a trade deal signed with Britain "as soon as possible." 

In a teleconference with the media ahead of Trump's visit to Britain next week, Johnson said Trump "would love to do a bilateral trade deal and he is really ready to step up on that the minute we get the go-ahead to do it." 

"The President is ready, willing, and able to do that as soon as possible," he said. "There are people in all departments of government that are looking right now. We have ad hoc committees from every department -- whether it's treasury, finance, trade -- are looking at how to put that together really rapidly and efficiently." 

In total, Britain will spend about 32 billion US dollars on US military equipment and support over the next 10 years, the diplomat added. 

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