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Trump says he’s still confident Kim will denuclearize

2018-07-10 09:47:09       source:Asahi Shimbun

July 10, 2018

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump voiced confidence Monday that North Korea's leader would "honor" his commitment to denuclearize, despite Pyongyang's accusation that the United States is making "gangster-like" demands in negotiations.

It was Trump's first public response since North Korea gave a harsh send-off to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after he visited the authoritarian nation last week amid growing skepticism that the North intends to give up its nukes.

Pompeo was seeking progress on the joint statement issued by Trump and Kim at their historic summit in Singapore in June. Pompeo characterized his talks with North Korean officials as productive, but the North's foreign ministry blasted the discussions, saying the visit--the third by the top U.S. diplomat since April--had been "regrettable."

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