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(Opinion) What show is US and Japan playing on issue of S China Sea?

2015-02-11 08:31:50       source:ECNS

By Shao Zhengping and Yuan Yang


February 10, 2015


"Japan's Defense Minister Gen Nakatani spoke at a press conference on February 3, 2015 that "the situation in South China Sea is having a growing impact on Japan's national security. How to deal with it will become a subject of concern in the next step".


He also said there is no limit on Japan's self-defense forces' alert and monitoring areas. The implication is that Japan is "concerned" about the situation in South China Sea and is possible to intervene South China Sea affairs with its self-defense forces as "necessary".


Gen Nakatani made the above comments as a response to the related speech by Robert Thomas, commander of the United States Navy Seventh Fleet."


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