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Ex-diplomats caution — and credit — Trump before NATO, Putin meetings

2018-07-11 09:35:04       source:Politico

July 10, 2018

Madeleine Albright and 15 other former foreign ministers from around the world are urging President Donald Trump to shore up America’s “deteriorating relationship” with its Western allies, while warning him that it would be a “grave mistake” to ignore the threat posed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

But, in a letter sent to Trump on Monday, the diplomatic veterans also praise the president, saying, for example, that he should “take some credit” for spurring other NATO states to boost defense spending.

The former foreign ministers — who hail from countries such as Britain, New Zealand and Bulgaria — offered their views just ahead of this week’s NATO summit in Brussels and Trump’s July 16 summit with the Russian president in Helsinki.

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